Code of conduct

Knights-bridge Vehicle Recovery

Code of conduct

Customers,and business to business:

  • To conduct all operations in accordance with all statutory and common law requirements.

  • To conduct all operations and business in accordance with the best practices of the industry.

  • To take out and maintain Third Party and Public Liability Insurance Policies to the meet

level of cover as per the legal requirements of the business and review periodically.

  • To investigate and deal with any and all customer complaints speedily and at the highest

level of management.

  • To permit all customers the right to refer disputes to arbitration and to fully co-operate in any investigation.

Complaints and arbitration:

A customer who has a complaint about the quality of the service should in the first place and at the earliest opportunity refer it to Knightsbridge Vehicle Recovery. Any serious complaint, which should be in writing, should be addressed to a Senior Executive, a Director, of the Knightsbridge vehicle recovery business. If attempts to reach a satisfactory solution fail, the customer, without prejudice to any legal rights, has a right to refer his complaint for conciliation by law.
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